/ Juvenn
/ Sponsored by Jacuzzi Inc.
/ Apr–Aug, 2021

/ Brand Strategy
/ Trans-disciplinary Design

Juvenn is a hypothetical hot tub brand sponsored by Jacuzzi Inc. Starting at 2028, Juvenn aims to bring relaxation and rejuvenation to future generations. This team project contains branding, product design and spatial design. I was in charge of the visual language development, brand identity guidelines, marketing campaigns, collateral merchandise packaging design as well as participated in the hot tub product design, showroom and pop-up event promotion design.

The name “Juvenn” stands for “rejuvenate”. The pronunciation resembles the Italian word “ Giovane”, which means “youth”.

The logo represents rejuvenation and playfulness, reflecting Juvenn’s brand essence.

The color palette is chosen to reflect Juvenn’s spirit and to differentiate ourselves from the competitors based on the color audit.
Pattern is inspired by water bubbles and waves. As an iconic element of the identity system, this pattern is applied to both 2D and 3D context.
5 Hot tubs are created for this new brand. Targeting on generation alpha and beta, we offer products with different sizes/functions/contexts based on consumer’s need. All hot tubs can be personalized when purchase.
For detailed information, please check out the product section of the brand identity guideline at the end of this page.
Galleria – Showroom/Concept storeThe Launch of Galleria marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for our business, enabling us to engage more effectively with hot tub experience.
Consumers have the opportunity to learn the features of all products and can make purchase after their session.Membership and loyalty programs are available at all locations.

For detailed info, please check out environment section of the brand identity guideline at the end of this page.
Horizon – Pop Up Event by Juvenn

This event allows consumers to experience the hot tub products and services before purchase.
Promotional Posters – aim to evoke the connection between brand and audiences. Instead of showing the actual product like all others do, we are selling the lifestyle related to the brand image.
Iconography enhances the consistency of our brand image. It also works as gamification elements like a reward system and community collaboration.

The iconography system is applied to both mobile and hot tub control interface.
Targeting on younger generations, gaming elements and strategies are applied in order to engage with consumers.

Mobile app also functions as hot tub remote control, platform for services and communication. Purchase of collateral merchandise and accessories can be made through the app as well.
We also co-branded with organic skincare brand Aveda, where sustainable packaged beauty products will be a part of the lifestyle products of Juvenn. This elevates the hot tub experience by taking care of the skin afterwards.
Aluminum will be used as primary material to achieve sustianability. Loop system or refill system will be applied.
Drinking tea while hot tubbing is bound to have a synergistic effect. Collaborating with organic Tea Company Pukka Herbs, the herbal tea beverage series YOUU keeps customer hydrated before, during and after the hot tub session.

A wide range of flavor selections will be provide in the concept store and online.

 For detailed info about this team project, please refer to the brand identity guideline.

Project sponsored by Jacuzzi Inc.

Team Members:
Graphic: Mikka Huang
Environment: Jieun Hwang
Product: Lance Li

Special Thanks:
James Chu
Micheal Neumayr