/ Bandcamp Rebrand
/ Tremble Music Festival
/ Aug–Dec, 2021

/ Transdisciplinary Design
/ Branding
/ Generative Design

Bandcamp is an online record store and music community where passionate fans discover, connect with, and directly support the artists they love. With the rebrand, we hope to elevate the experience of both artists and the audiences. The transdisciplinary project allows artists to be more expressive with their music. This includes installation, generative coding, web design and printed matter.

The rebrand project also contains a sub-brand identity, Tremble Music Festival.

The logo is redesigned with P5js, to mimic the sound vibrations of music. This allows the logo system to be versatile, where the colors and the sound waves change depending on the music. 
Inspired by the vibrations of music, I created this lowercase typeface that can be applied to different contexts.

Vertical structures and a nice gradient of blue are applied to the stationery system in order to showcasing the nature of rhythm.
The booklet is created to help music artists on how to make a living by doing what they are passionate about.
Environmental signage and way finding systems follow the same guidelines.
Campaign materials help promote Bandcamp as a music platform which leads stronger connections between artists and their fans.
Sound sensoring installation extends the iconic structure from 2D to 3D. Elevates the music appreciation experiences of audiences.
Official website has the identical structure from the system. A music visualizing generator created with p5.js enables artists to show more personality to their fans.


The identity project comes with a sub-identity called Tremble. Tremble is a 3 day electronic+hiphop music festival featuring famous music artists, and aims to provide the best music trip to audiences.